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BDSID - KIPS BAY NY 2024.jpg

Thank you for visiting the Kips Bay New York 2024 Showhouse, and the Wine Lounge + Garden Level Corridor designed by Beth Diana Smith Interior Design!

Design Concept:

An homage to joy, the Wine Lounge is a sanctuary for celebrating life's little pleasures and the art of hospitality. This space serves as a canvas for reimagining traditional wine cellar concepts in a refreshingly unexpected manner. Juxtaposing textures, bold colors, and custom furnishings, the Wine Lounge invites guests to savor the composition. Every detail, from the mesmerizing allure of Kravet's oyster shell wallpaper to marble and quartzite stone from Artistic Tile to opulent S. Harris fabric adorning the custom banquette, enhances the sensory experience. The thoughtful and textural lighting, including Vaughan's brass ceiling lights, guides your eye upward, accentuating the mood. As you traverse the Garden Level Corridor, my design mantra, "line of sight always," unveils a new layer of beauty and refined taste in all directions.

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