My Journey As An Interior Designer

A significant part of why I became an interior designer is my story, the journey and the experiences that brought me to that decision and even to this moment. So I’ve decided to share my story in a short 3-part video series… heavily inspired by the feedback I received from my Side Hustle Pro​ interview.

Part I – How did I become a homeowner at 22?

This is the story of how my mom got sick during my junior year of college, how that led me to struggling and hustling for the next couple of years including sleeping on my best friends dorm room floor, saving every penny I had to buy a home so I could take care of my mother and myself (because I knew renting first would only prolong the goals I had for myself).

Part II – How I fell in love with interior design?

This is the story of how I ended up working somewhere that I eventually hated, which forced me to follow what I loved to do instead of a chasing a check. It’s so funny how something awful can be the platform for discovering something amazing…

Part III – How I realized how important interior design is for our well being?

This is the story of my mothers passing and how that transformed how I approached design, how my aesthetic was honed, and why I believe every home should Feel good.

How has your journey shaped who you are and what you do? Comment below!