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New Home Goals!

Every season I somehow get tempted to change things up, but time is always lacking so I patiently wait until Spring when I create a new set of goals to tackle for the season. This year I'm focused on five projects, it may sound like a lot (and sometimes it feels like a lot) but I have been preparing for a few months now. Preparation in the sense of my plan of attack which includes a significant amount of clean up, dedicating time on the weekends, and outlining what my wants and needs are.

Let's start with what my five projects are, and then we can dive into the fun stuff!:

  1. Home Office: Which I currently love but I needed one simple item for storage and convenience, I wanted to move somethings around, and in the *hopefully* short-term will become a guest bedroom and no longer my office.

  2. Garage: This has been a thorn in my side, it needed to be purged and organized (which is finally done, yay!) and now needs to be painted and with some elements of fun. I want this to somehow have an element of the unexpected for a garage.

  3. Home Gym: I have a bonus room between my garage and my backyard space that is currently a storage nightmare. I plan to turn this into home gym, and possibly a relaxation space, and wallpaper is a must-have.

  4. Outdoor Space: I'm not going to lie to you, I haven't given this a lot of thought but I have prepped the area by purging the old furniture and pulling up the weeds. I want it to be a simple, yet incredibly stylish, seating area for lounging.

  5. Bonus - Full Bath Renovation: I originally renovated the bathroom in 2012-ish, before I became a full-time interior designer and this room does not at all feel like me. I can see a million things that I would do differently and I'm hopeful I can get this done late this summer.

Now for the fun stuff! is celebrating the opening of its very first store in Lynnfield, MA today so I thought it would be fun to share what pieces I would (or did, *wink wink*) use for my many home projects. I focused on their pieces that caught my eye, quality only, and as you may already know AllModern items ship very quickly so getting what I want at the last minute is quite convenient.

Home Office

For my Home Office I needed something sort-of random, a coat rack. Hear me out, during the week I'm usually doing 1 of 3 things - (1) onsite at a client which means I'm bringing my large MZ Wallace bag to fit everything from client binders to devices, (2) out client sourcing which means I want to travel light so I wear a small cross-body bag, or (3) at an event, conference, or class so I need a mid-sized bag that I drop things in and out of. And on the crazy days I'm doing all of these things. I have a rather sleek wall-mounted rack on the back of my office door but it's getting chaotic with all the bags so I wanted to streamline things for my most-used bags and what I need to quickly grab as I go in and out for the day.

I also want to add extra seating that can double as tabletop space since I spend SO much time in here, and that could stay when I convert this room into a guest bedroom as a nightstand. Here are the items that I chose including accessories because the details always matter.

And here's how I used it...

Shop The Look:

  1. Coat Rack: Epworth Freestanding Coat Rack

  2. Stool / End Table: Moreno Solid Wood End Table (Extra seating and future nightstand!)

  3. White Vase: Hungerford White Stoneware Table Vase (Because the details and finishing touches matter.)

  4. Yellow Vase: Yellow Munich Ceramic Table Vase (Because the details and finishing touches matter.)

  5. Candle : Stunner Scented Jar Candle (Because who doesn't need a candle with an inspirational label? Plus I love to have each room having its own scent based on the vibe that I want.)


Storage is key here, I needed to store my tools and overstock household stuff which I've taken care of. But now I need storage for day-to-day convenience like a storage rack for umbrellas and hooks for coats and jackets. Below is a couple of items that caught my attention, but I'll definitely need to focus my attention on painting next.

Shop The Look:

  1. Umbrella Stand: Freestanding Steel Umbrella Stand (Love the sleekness of this!)

  2. Hooks: Ponto Wall Mounted Stone Wall Hook (Yes, even your hooks should be stylish.)

Home Gym

This is the room that I'm probably the most excited about! A likely minimalist space that will only have workout gear, a floor mirror, seating, and funky walls using peel-and-stick wallpaper. Oh, and space on the wall to hang my matte purple Schwinn bike.

Shop The Look:

  1. Floor Mirror: Eaton Mirror (Simple and sleek.)

  2. Wallpaper: Jaipur Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll (This comes in multiple colors and I'm considering the Navy as well.)

  3. Stool: Alpine Solid Wood Decorative Stool (The shape and style won me over!)

  4. Square Ottoman: Sicard 100% Cotton Square Cube Ottoman (Love the colors!)

Outdoor Space

Because this space is small my only requirement is seating for at least 2 and maximum 4, and the addition of some very-hard-for-me to kill plants since I don't have a green thumb. I may be slightly obsessed with having two of these chairs though with an end table.

Shop The Look:

  1. Swinging Chair: Bombay Porch Swing with Stand (This feels like it's made for lounging.)

  2. Planter: Travante Blush Pink Planter (Sorta, kinda obsessed with blush pinks).

  3. Outdoor String Lights: Brightech Glow Solar Powered LED 12 Bulb Waterproof Outdoor String Lights (Who doesn't want pretty outdoor lights?)

  4. Outdoor Rug: Fieldscape Indoor / Outdoor Blue/Orange/Gray Area Rug (Color and pattern, sign me up.)

  5. Fire Pit: Humes Sloping Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit (This feels like such a perfect evening vibe and I can imagine sitting in front of this fire swinging in my chair).

  6. Outdoor Table: Dominick 100% Concrete End Table (The sculptural element of this table I love.)

Bonus - Full Bath Renovation

This is an absolute wildcard since I don't know if I'm going to do it but if I did I would be adding a built-in linen closest, a bidet toilet, a single sink with a lot more counter space then I currently have, a niche over the bathtub, and a bold-colored tile. I can see it now... and my mouth literally waters just thinking about it. But for now I'll share what I'm thinking of vanity-wise which is warm wood tones, brass hardware and plumbing, and a recessed medicine cabinet.

Shop The Look:

As you can see, has it ALL! Literally options upon options upon options for every room in (and out) of the house.

Which pieces do you love and plan to use that I shared above? What room(s) are you planning to work on now and later? And what do you plan on shopping for from AllModern? I want to know it all!

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Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy
Jun 12, 2023

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