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One Room Challenge (Fall 2021): Week 8, Final Reveal!

*picks up mic and gets on podium* Welcome to the the Final Reveal of my One Room Challenge where I ambitiously tackled my bedroom, office, and hallway with some DIY's in tow! First let me admit that getting this done was not easy even as an interior designer. Between the insane stock shortages, scheduling subcontractors in a time when everyone is on a waitlist, and DIY'ing the moulding details in my bedroom, I was ready to pull my hair out. I had to change my overall design multiple times, change furnishings a thousand times, and run around like a crazy person to get it all done in time with additional time to photograph. But, the important thing is that it's done and I'm in LOVE!

In case you’re new to here, I’m Beth the CEO + Principal Designer of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design. I’m an eclectic maximalist who is obsessed with color, pattern, texture, and details. I run a full service interior design company based in New Jersey and you can find more about me and my company here.

Now lets get into the good stuff, the design and the before & after starting with the bedroom. Note that I've been sharing this process over the last 8 weeks and you can read the full process starting with Week 1 if you want to see how things have evolved week to week.



My bedroom before wasn't awful and I did love my blue walls, it just wasn't perfect the way I like it and I hated the carpet.

My goal was to create a bedroom that is layered with brasses, curvy shapes, and moody and contrasting earth tones but with a very green foundation. And, most importantly from a functional perspective, I needed to incorporate various lighting sources since my ceiling fixture must be a fan which is not a great light source but is needed because my second floor gets hot during the warm weather months. Other than that the objective was to use decorative moulding and paint for the walls and ceilings, use no wallpaper, go heavy on texture, and go unapologetic on color. You may have gotten a hint of that from the moodboards I've been sharing during this process like the version below from last week, but that wouldn't have given you the full vibe of the space because it didn't include how impactful the moulding would be or how green.

Bedroom Moodboard. Design Concept: Feminine & Cavernous

And here is the bedroom now... come on in!

The foundation of the room is about three elements; (1) the floor, (2) the moulding, and (3) the paint colors. The (new and fabulous) wood floor is Raintree's Backcountry which I talked all about in the Week 7 post including why I went with that option. And since I am always barefoot at home, having an area rug was a must-have. I wanted something that incorporated various colors in my color palette and bring some color to the floor so I went with Loloi's Loren Area Rug. But the most impactful and special element in the room is my fluted wall that I paired with chair rails and picture frame moulding. Doing the full room with fluted trim would have been overbearing, and leaving the other walls blank would have felt a bit incomplete, so I went with chair rails and oversized picture frame moulding to create a proportionate and beautiful foundation for the room. To create the fluted wall I used Ornamental Moulding's 846 Door Casing which is double sided but I used the fluted side. For the chair rail I wanted subtle curves to compliment the fluted wall and once I saw Ornamental's OML44, I knew I had a winner. The picture frame moulding is also from Ornamental, it's their 589 Colonial Trim and I thought it went really well with the chair rail because of its curves and small height at 1-1/4". Anddddd, can you believe that I installed this trim myself using various saws and nailers from Ryobi? *pats self on my back* I talked about this process in Week 4, it definitely tested my patience but I'm super proud of myself for getting it done. Last but not least, my walls are Evergreen Fog SW 9130 and the ceiling is a darker color, Rosemary SW 6187, both by Sherwin Williams.

If you follow me on Instagram you may recognize this angle, if you do then I did decide to remove the plants and replace with this faux fiddle leaf plant that I thought was a much better fit. It doesn't feel like a distraction from the art and compliments this nook.

The purple chair was a chair that I already had but had reupholstered in Calico's Banks in Fig, I wanted a rich and matte velvet so I could pair it with a metal table for contrast. This drink table from Currey & Co was love at first sight. WIth cold weather here I wanted a throw and loved this turmeric, tasseled throw from the Jungalow (however I say this with bias because I love everything from them).

There is SO MUCH more to talk about but lets start with lighting. I mentioned that I needed sconces to help with lighting but I always prefer statement pieces so I started with Blueprint Lighting's Multi-Focal Wall Light that I had customized in lavender and brass (#feminineenergy). I love the flexibility of this light and how it can be shaped in various ways, I decided to style mine in a way that reminded me of stars. Then I added a picture light that I wanted to pair with art over the bed, I used Hudson Valley Lighting's Berkshire Picture Light over a framed, abstract textile with gold metallic that I scored at HomeGoods! Lastly, I paired these with these tall, green, curvy lamps from Currey & Co. I feel a bit in lighting heaven, but I digress.

Design Tip: If you have low light or no light coming from your ceiling, supplement by using sconces, and table and floor lamps.

The bed is the Santorini in graphite velvet from Saatva with their lineal adjustable base and their Loom & Leaf mattress. I mentioned in a prior post that the lineal adjustable base is adjustable allowing you to sit up, put your feet up, or both; has under bed lighting which I never knew I needed; has a massage feature; and the remote even has a flashlight feature. The massage feature is what I find to be life changing and the Loom & Leaf mattress is a memory foam that is incredibly comfortable. You can see the mattress below in all its glory... and can I say that the bedroom still looks awesome even with no bedding!

When it comes to the bedding I always use a layered approach and this was no different, this means the layering of various pieces (duvets, throws, quilts, etc) and colors and patterns. I used patterned sheets, a pink duvet cover and insert, and an absolute fabulous tasseled pillow from HomeGoods that I paired with the Jungalow's Natural Hamsa Quilt to achieve the look.

Based on most of the photos you can see that the window treatments are a significant part of the room. Because it's my bedroom I want privacy at night and to filter light during the day which meant I needed a double rod, sheers to filter light on one rod and velvet panels went on the other rod. I wanted the sheer panels to be spectacular, and I didn't have to search for long because I spotted these gray/silver panels at Calico and had to have them. They are SO pretty! And lets just say that Calico and my workroom worked a miracle to make this happen and they were literally installed 2 days before photography, whew!

What do you think about the bedroom??!! Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Area Rug: Loloi's Loren

  2. Art: K. Asha Art's Eden Custom Framed; Framed Abstract and Framed Door Art from HomeGoods

  3. Bed: Saatva's Santorini Bed, Lineal Adjustment Base, and Loom & Leaf Mattress

  4. Bedding: Sheets, Duvet, and Pillow from HomeGoods; Jungalow's Natural Hamsa Quilt

  5. Chair Fabric: Calico's Banks in Fig

  6. Cobalt Blue Vase: HomeGoods find!

  7. Decorative Tray (multi-piece inside nightstand): Pattern Brands Nesting Tray

  8. Drink Table: Currey & Co's Cirebron Brass Drinks Table

  9. Flooring: Raintree's Backcountry Wood Flooring

  10. Marble Elephant: HomeGoods find!

  11. Mirror: HomeGoods Brass Arched Floor Mirror

  12. Multi-Light Sconce: Blueprint Lighting's Multi-Focal Wall Light

  13. Moulding: Ornamental Moulding 846 Door Casing, Chair Rail OML44, Trim 589 Colonial Trim

  14. Paint: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog and Rosemary

  15. Picture Light: Hudson Valley Lighting's Berkshire Picture Light

  16. Plant: Artiplanto Faux Fiddle Leaf

  17. Table Lamps: Currey & Co Lilou Green Table Lamps

  18. Tools: Ryobi 18V ONE+ CIRCULAR SAW, 18V ONE+ BRAD NAILER, and Miter Saw

  19. Window Treatments (Sheers): Calico's Megan in Patina

  20. Window Treatments (Velvet Blackout): CB2's Copper Velvet Curtains



Lets be clear, my office before (shown below) was a MESS. This room had been on my to-do list for a couple of years but always got kicked to the bottom of the list based on client priorities. I kind-of started this summer by buying the 2 cabinets seen below, and then I was going to change the desk and continue slowly but surely finishing the office. But needless to say that plan changed once I got the opportunity to be a Featured Designer for the One Room Challenge for the second time!

My goals were simple; have a lot of desk space, add storage, add lighting, and add a small bar. And I envisioned blacks and mauves as the color palette, but I also wanted inspirational elements that made me feel curious and excited. The moodboard below shows what I was thinking on a high-level:


Here's where I landed, with Alaari, the patterned, textured wallpaper from Malene Barnett x Lulu and Georgia taking center stage. A beautiful rug from Loloi and of course a gallery wall for inspiration and the bar that I really wanted.

Because I wanted to maximize my desk space, I decided to nix a traditional desk and use a dining room table as a desk. I give myself a gold star for this idea because I LOVE the amount of space that I have now. No more shuffling around papers and client trays, I have more space than I need so things are so much more efficient in my day-to-day. I used the Reese from Lulu & Georgia and paired it with their cane Islay Cabinet. The cabinet allows me to have ample storage and see (yet mask) everything that I need from client binders to books to overstock client pillows (yay!).

I'm officially obsessed with picture lights. Because I wanted to do a full gallery wall I decided to use a pair of Hudson Valley Lighting's Accord Picture Lights to properly light all of the pieces. The pieces included in the gallery wall are of mix of vintage masks from Chairish, acrylic-framed art from Society 6, an object from 54kibo, a framed photograph from Minted, a painting that was a super last minute find from The Black Home, and all 3 of my college degrees. What's the lesson here? Gallery walls take a lot of sourcing and curation, and patience.

Design Tip: Consider using a pair of picture lights to light a gallery wall, or a series of picture lights for a larger gallery.

Take a good look at the desk chair, look familiar? It's the same grey one thats in the before picture! I spray painted the base and had it reupholstered, the back of the chair is Trend Fabrics gold and the inside of the chair is Fabricut's Ruby. I wanted a stunner and something that was not your everyday office chair so I decided to create it!


  1. Area Rug: Loloi's Wynter

  2. Bar Cart: HomeGoods find!

  3. Bench: Blue & Cream Patterned Upholstered Bench w/ Wood Frame scored, HomeGoods find!

  4. Cabinet: Lulu & Georgia's Islay Cabinet

  5. Ceiling Light: Hudson Valley Lighting's Fleming

  6. Desk: Lulu & Georgia's Reese Table

  7. Desk Chair: Back of chair - Trend Fabrics gold; Inside of chair - Fabricut's Ruby

  8. Face Bookend Vases: Jungalow's Black Hair and Brown Hair

  9. Flooring: Raintree's Backcountry Wood Flooring

  10. Gallery Wall: 54kibo Porcupine Wall Hanging

  11. Gallery Wall: Vintage Masks from Chairish

  12. Gallery Wall: Minted's Strong Women by Lindsey Erin, Customized

  13. Gallery Wall: Society 6 Travel-Inspired Acrylic Art - Colors of Marrakech Morocco and Alhambra Door by raisazwart, Il Duomo and Roma by Eye Poetry Photography

  14. Picture Lights: Hudson Valley Lighting's Accord Picture Lights

  15. Wallpaper: Malene Barnett x Lulu and Georgia Alaari

  16. Wallpaper Hanger: Julian Pal



The hallway was a relatively simple plan because the I only wanted to paint, get rid of the hideous carpet, hang art, and update the railing to something more modern and that looked beautiful. Note: Simplicity does not exist.

Hallways are really important for line of sight into rooms, it almost acts as an introduction to the connecting spaces. Scroll down to see how IMPACTFUL replacing the carpet with Raintree's wood flooring, painting the hallway Felted Wool by Sherwin Williams, adding art from Minted, and upgrading the railing and newel post using products from L.J. Smith.

A whole new view! What sticks out the most for me is how impactful upgrading the railing system is in the space. The newel post elevated the aesthetic of the hallway, the panel post is super sleek and looks and feels high end, and the handrail shape (simple and modern) gave me a whole new view on how to approach them with client projects.


  1. Art: Minted's Palace Walk 1 by Kamala Nahas, Customized

  2. Handrail: 684SC-08-O by L.J. Smith

  3. Flooring: Raintree's Backcountry Wood Flooring

  4. Newel Post: LJ-4075-50-O by L.J. Smith

  5. Paint: Sherwin Williams Felted Wool

  6. Panel Post Railing: PL-CE4243-LSB by L.J. Smith

Thank you for reading! Share your comments below!

All Final Reveal photography done by Mike Van Tassel.

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