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One Room Challenge (Fall 2021): Week 5, Office Update

Welcome back! Last week I gave you an update on the bedroom so its only fitting that I give an office update this week. You may recall from my original office post (Week 3) that I was pretty happy with my office design and selections that you can see below.


Lulu & Georgia Desk/Dining Table and Cabinet | Loloi Area Rug | Malene Barnett x Lulu & Georgia Alaari Wallpaper | Hudson Valley Lighting's Fleming Chandelier | Hudson Valley Lighting's Berkshire Picture Light | Minted's Strong Women

Over the last couple weeks, which have been a whirlwind, the wallpaper has been installed which looks AMAZING. This was actually a feel-good moment because my home has been in chaos with flooring, painting, and a lot of my stuff being in boxes instead of everything being in its place the way I like it. For the next couple of weeks I'll be focused on getting all of the furniture installed into their final locations, window treatments which I am wayyyyyyy behind on thanks to lack of stock and materials, and the finishing touches such as art and decor. And keep in mind that the finishing touches come last in the process but are extremely important in creating a space that looks magazine ready and that feels good. I always believe that details matter the most and that gets amplified while tackling the finishing touches.

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