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One Room Challenge (Fall 2021): Week 2, The Bedroom

This week I'm diving into the bedroom and sharing a bit of everything including my moodboards, color palette, some of my product selections, and some of the design changes I've had to make due to backorders and stock issues *insert my screams here*.

I walked through my bedroom goals in last week's post but the one that I'll have to readdress here is the need for various lighting sources. Because I chose to keep a one-lamp ceiling fan which gives very little light, I have to provide light from other sources like sconces and lamps. Design development, the process of where and how your design evolves, is always a part of the process that happens behind the scenes but I'm going to walk you through a couple of the MANY iterations below. First up is one of my preliminary ideas back in August when I was inspired by having a green bed, wallpapered walls, and a swinging egg chair. But the vibe didn't feel quite right based on my design concept Feminine & Cavernous which I did not want to change. Note that last week I delved into what and why a design concept is used which you can read about here.

August Moodboard
Design Tip: If you have low light or no light coming from your ceiling, supplement by using sconces, and table and floor lamps.

Once September rolled around (see moodboard below) I had changed to a dark gray bed (the fabric is much darker than it appears below), confirmed nightstands, and was still madly in love with my area rug.... and had fallen in love with the Multi-Focal Wall Light from Blueprint Lighting which allowed me to easily customize a sconce based on my design and color palette. It was a process because I loved too many of the color options, but the color Dusk (lavender circle shown in the moodboard) with the brass arms won me over. This went directly to my need for more lighting so I'm ecstatic. I also discovered this beautiful black and brass drink table and green lamps from Currey & Co, art from Minted called Palace Walk 1 by Kamala Nahas which gave me a very serene feeling that really resonated with me so I had to have it, and a picture light from Hudson Valley Lighting (as much as I love and explore art, a picture light ended up on the must-have list!). And you can shop some of the looks via the links below!

September Moodboard


Loloi's Loren Area Rug | Blueprint Lighting's Multi-Focal Wall Light | Currey & Co Drink Table | Currey & Co Table Lamps | Minted's Palace Walk 1 Customized Art | Hudson Valley Lighting's Berkshire Picture Light

In every design, I prioritize what's needed and the primary furniture is always at the top of the list. Based on the design concept and those primary furnishings, my color palette and how I strategize what needs to get done takes shape and keeps everything on track. Needless to say, there's A LOT left to do and cover including the trim work that I have planned, finishes including paint colors, flooring details, window treatments, bed and mattress details, art, decor, and a million other things some of which I'll cover in few weeks. Next week, I'll be be deep diving with you into the office just like we did here for the bedroom.

Design Tip: Create your design concept which is how you want the space to feel before you do anything else. This becomes the foundation of the design. Then create your list of must-haves which are your needs, not your wants. This helps guides your priorities.

Check out Week 1 here if you want to read about my process and the other rooms in my challenge.

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to check out the blog posts of the other 19 ORC Featured Designers below!

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