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One Room Challenge (Fall 2021): Week 1

Welcome to the launch of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge (ORC)! As you may recall from Spring 2020, I was a Featured Designer and tackled my entire first floor which included my kitchen, dining room, living room, powder room and entry which was quite a big/insane undertaking which you can read about and see here. But because it was an amazing experience, I couldn't turn down the chance to do it again!

In case you’re new to here, I’m Beth the CEO + Principal Designer of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design. I’m an eclectic maximalist who is relatively obsessed with color, pattern, texture, and details, and I run a full service interior design based in New Jersey. You can find more about me and my company here.

Now, lets get into the fun stuff! For this challenge I’ll be tackling my bedroom, office, and the connecting hallway because, based on my last ORC, I couldn't just do one room (ha!). All of these spaces are located on my second floor as you can see in the below floor plan.

As part of my design process, I always start with a design concept. This allows me to outline the vibe and the inspiration for the space, and provides the foundation for the design. First, let's start with the bedroom. My design concept is Feminine and Cavernous, a space layered with brasses, curvy shapes, and moody and contrasting colors. My goals are to have a bedroom that:

  1. is just for rest and relaxation, which means that I have to ban myself from working from bed or bringing any devices into my bedroom except for my phone and watch (I feel stunned just by typing this),

  2. is filled with texture and has a very cozy vibe,

  3. must have ample storage for clothes and linens since I don't have a traditional linen closet, and

  4. must have several lighting sources since my ceiling fixture must be a fan (being on the second floor means that it gets very warm in the Spring and Summer).

When it comes to my office, the concept I think is Cultural and Beautiful, a space whose foundation is blacks and mauves and includes an unexpected gallery of art. My goals are to have an office that has:

  1. A LOT of tabletop space for client work including clients' flat lay trays,

  2. A LOT of storage space for samples, client binders, books, and so much more,

  3. a lot more lighting which means that I have to nix having a ceiling fan, and

  4. a bar with water, wine, and snacks at minimum. Yes, I want a bar and dare I call this a must-have?

Lastly, the hallway is relatively simple because I plan on only having artwork hung but I have to get rid of the hideous carpet on the stairs that runs through the hallway and into the bedroom and office. My plan? Stain the stairs and install wood flooring. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Here's how everything looks as of today (don't let the office photo shock and scare you, I'll explain that in a later blog post, I promise).

Next Wednesday I'll be diving into the bedroom and sharing my moodboard, color palette, some of my product selections, and sharing the design changes I've had to make due to backorders and stock issues (oy!). And that's when the real design begins!

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to check out the blog posts of the other 19 ORC Featured Designers below!

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