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One Room Challenge (Fall 2021): Week 7, The Floor

Happy hump day and welcome back for Week 7 of the One Room Challenge (ORC)! Last week was all about bedroom and office updates, and my views on the connecting hallway. This week I’m finally going to discuss one of the biggest transformations to these spaces, the floor.

View from the second floor, carpet and all.

My second floor, where these rooms are located, has been carpeted since I bought my home in 2003. Even though I’ve changed the carpet throughout the years to a different color and quality, I still hated the look, the stains that would never come out, and it’s impact during allergy season. So I knew that replacing the carpet with new carpet was not an option, I wanted wood floors that closely matched the floor on my first floor that are brown-gray, medium-dark toned, 8” wood planks. Once I knew the look I was going for, it was just a matter of sourcing something that I loved that was actually in-stock. And since flooring has a significant impact on the design of a space, I needed to spend time looking at samples against my first floor floors and in the actual rooms during the day and night to get a real feel for the color and style.

Design Tip: For consistency across a multi-level home, match your new floor to your existing floors if the floors are new or if you love them, etc. But if you plan on changing those old floors eventually. go with what you love for the floors that you are tackling now.

I also really liked the idea of having something that was waterproof or water resistant because of water damage that I had in 2019, thanks to my washing machine which is also located on my second floor. That entire experience was eye opening. So where did I land for my new floor? Raintree. And here's why:

  1. It's 100% waterproof. It has a waterproof core with an engineered hardwood on top.

  2. It's indentation resistant. It resists indentations from high heels and heavy furniture , which is great for someone like me who moves things often.

  3. It's pet friendly. It's scratch resistant and since I'm heavily considering getting another dog, I thought this was a smart choice.

  4. It's easy to clean. It's Swiffer WetJet friendly which is what I use for fast and easy cleaning.

I was torn between 3 options; Rocky Cliffs, Backcountry, and Driftwood. All met the style and color requirements that I was looking for, it was just a matter of determining which was my #1 pick and which ones were in stock. I've discussed in previous posts, and social media, the impact of backorders on the home industry so that's always a factor in decision making. I always tell clients to wait for what they love but sometimes that's not feasible so always have a backup plan with other loves.

Needless to say, these were my three loves and I happily went with Backcountry and it's completely transformed the look and feel of the rooms including the stairs that were stained to match. Here's a sneak peek, but you're going to have to wait until next weeks Final Reveal to see it all.

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to check out the blog posts of the other 19 ORC Featured Designers below for inspiration and their behind the scenes!

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