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One Room Challenge (Spring 2020): Week 3, The Kitchen

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! This last week has been a whirlwind between my own home and clients, but there’s been progress.  This week I’ll be focused on my kitchen, and in case you missed it, Week 1 was the introduction of the challenge where I walked you through what my home used to look like including a tour on NBC’s Open House NYC, my design concept, etc. Week 2 was a walkthrough of the vibe of the space, my must-haves and my wants, and my color palette with some of my preliminary finishes.

Here’s the deal, I renovated my kitchen in 2014 but prior to that renovation my kitchen was hideous. In 2014 I ripped out everything opting for new floors, tall upper cabinets, open shelves, new floors, new appliances, new lighting, and  even new dishes.


This go-round, I’m updating the kitchen without new cabinets but addressing all of the finishes including the countertop, backsplash, and the hardware. And some other juicy details such as the Baltar Counter Stools from  Bungalow 5 that I shared in last weeks post. Overall, I want the kitchen to feel a bit funky and reflect my aesthetic but I want the foundation (the more permanent items like the tile) to be neutral. My moodboard (pictured) shows everything that I’m planing on using so far but let’s talk details:

  • Lighting: Both light fixtures (ceiling and sconce) are from Hudson Valley Lighting but funny enough the ceiling fixture I purchased and installed last year before the One Room Challenge.

  • Area Rug: The Ankara Global from Nourison because I love using rugs in the kitchen to bring in more color.

  • Roman Shade: I opted for a roman shade instead of curtain panels or blinds like I had in the past. I had been heavily eyeballing the Hidalgo Lush from Fabricut so I thought this was the perfect time to finally pull the trigger.

  • Backsplash: Although it took me time to decide on a backsplash tile, I went for a more classic neutral tile in an elongated subway style, the Color Market Patagonia, from The Tile Shop. But I’ll be using it much differently then I have before.

  • Countertop: To be honest, I don’t cook much but my countertop gets a lot of use thanks to my love for cereal. I wanted something durable as well and I loved my last counter so I’m staying with Caesarstone. I thought their Calacatta Nuvo was quite beautiful and a perfect fit since my plan was to brighten up the kitchen going from a dark gray to this almost-white counter.

• Hardware: Because I’m not changing my cabinets, changing the hardware was a must to go with the vibe I want for the kitchen. I knew I wanted brass and relatively sleek, Schaub’s Heathrow Collection fit the bill especially because of the the T-Knobs. And because normal is never what I gravitate to, I loved the faceted style of both the handles and the T-knobs.

  • Faucet: I believe the faucet helps set the tone for any kitchen. My old faucet was an antique bronze making it a hard no for this update. Signature Hardware’s Ravenel in Brushed Nickel, a tall pull-down faucet, is modern in aesthetic and had the features that I wanted so that was an easy choice. It swivels and has 2 spray functions which is all I really need, again I don’t cook much.

  • Decor & Accessories: If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I’m a fan of 54kibo. And I’ve been eyeing many items on their website, but two of highly anticipated items is the Dance Hall Queen Salt Pepper Shaker Set and the Fatyly Nguka Limoges Full Platter. These items are literally a direct reflection of how I want the kitchen to feel, funky, unique, and beautiful.

Over the last week, my kitchen backsplash was removed and Peter Brooks Stone Works came to remove my old counter and template for the new one. So right now, I have no faucet or kitchen counter so even though it’s driving me a bit nuts, I’m focused on the end result. You can see the progress I’ve shared in this Video: Kitchen Progress Video.

See you guys next week! And don’t forget to check out the other Featured ORC Designers below!


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