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One Room Challenge (Spring 2020): Week 4, The Living Room

I can’t believe that we are already halfway through the One Room Challenge! This is Week 4 and once again this last week has been a whirlwind with progress (yay!).  This week I’m focused on the living room and, in case you missed the previous weeks,:

  • Week 1 was the introduction of the challenge with a walkthrough what my home used to look like including a tour on NBC’s Open House NYC,

  • Week 2 was a walkthrough of the vibe of the space, my must-haves and my wants, and my color palette with some of my preliminary finishes, and

  • Week 3 was focused on the kitchen and included everything from my moodboard to specific products that I’ll be using.

A lot of the living room has come together quite beautifully. And the amount of time I spend on the new sofa is pretty funny. I never spent time in the living room because the daybed that I had previously wasn’t comfortable enough for me to spend hours watching TV (too deep, not enough back support). But the new sofa , the Rhoe, from Bungalow 5 is magical. You don’t see the sofa in the moodboard below right? Easy answer, I had the sofa reupholstered in TREND by Fabricut’s Violet Velvet (that little purple square on the moodboard). That violet velvet swatch sealed the deal for me because it was super soft and the color is soooooooooo gorg!!

My goal for my living room is to love it so much that I can be there all day without wanting to move, for example imagine binging something on Netflix and being so cozy that it feels like heaven. This meant that great seating, storage, and beauty were my top 3 goals. We’ve already talked about the sofa, but let me tell you about the Sloan Chair from Interior Define. I don’t know if I was drawn in by the style or the brass legs initially, but I did love that it comes in a ton of custom colors. I opted for their Blush Mod Velvet because once I received the fabric sample, I knew that it was the winner. And once it arrived I was ecstatic because it is super-comfy! Now, you may be wondering why I would pair a purple sofa with a pink chair… it’s because I’m not afraid of color. If you remember my design concept from Week 1, bold and colorful are two of my goals. And so my living room doesn’t feel like a bag of skittles, I’m making strategic uses of black and layering with the other colors to give the vibe of Boho and sophistication. One of the black items I chose is fun, funky, and gives me extra seating (and its from one of my favorite brands, Made Goods), the Odin stool.

I am annoyingly super organized so storage was an absolute must, a place for books (like a mini-library) and a place for extra pillows and throws when guests stay over. As much TV as I watcH (consider me a TVnista), the TV area becomes important since that will be one of my main views. And because I’m a girl that loves a list so I made a list of what I wanted to see: books, decor, and something really dope as the media cabinet. And I was able to cross all of these off my list thanks to Apt 2B’s Preston Sideboard! It’s brass and dark-stained wood, and the entire front is made of hexagons, GORGEOUS. Are you wondering if the brass shimmers in the light? If so, the answer is yes. I have literally put more than 90% of my books, including coffee table books, inside of her and I still have a lot of space left.

Lighting is always a big part of a space. I wanted a lot of overhead light but I also wanted the option to create subtle ambient light. And this was honestly one of the easiest decisions for me to make because their were fixtures that I already had my eye on, Troy’s Ace Chandelier (what I consider a statement piece) and Mitzi’s Faith Table Lamps (very cute and incredibly stylish).

Quite often, area rugs are also used to distinguish/separate spaces. But since I’m trying to embrace my open concept living room and dining room, I’m doing the opposite. I’m layering Nourison’s Passionate Flame Rug with the Fante Charcoal Elephant Rug by Justina Blakeney® x Loloi. Elephants are my thing and I always leave one (trunk up) with a client at the end of their project for good luck, so this was a must-have. (Sidebar – I think I have a lot must-have’s.)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I’m using the Phillips Collections Fashion Faces because they are DOPE. So with that said, let me show you the progress I’ve made so far for the living room, starting with the Fashion Face Smile.

Next week I think I’m going to focus on the dining room, or the powder room since its had <what I would consider> a million aggravations, but we”ll see based on the goings on for the next week. What I will leave you with is this, find something this week that makes you happy… incredibly happy and hold on to it. See you guys next week! And don’t forget to check out the other Featured ORC Designers below!


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