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One Room Challenge (Spring 2020): Week 7, The Powder Room + Entry

Ok, how insane is it that this is the last week before next weeks Final Reveal!! A LOT has happened over this last week but the most important thing is that I’ve wrapped up all the details, thank God!! And the Powder Room that was the most challenging space to complete, and the smallest, has been crossed off the list. Before I jump into the details, lets recap:

  • Week 1 was the introduction of the challenge with a walkthrough what my home used to look like including a tour on NBC’s Open House NYC,

  • Week 2 was a walkthrough of the vibe of the space, my must-haves and my wants, and my color palette with some of my preliminary finishes,

  • Week 3 was focused on the kitchen and included everything from my moodboard to specific products that I’ll be using,

  • Week 4 was focused on my living room and we jumped into the juicy details,

  • Week 5 was cancelled, thankfully, which you can read about in Week 6’s post, and

  • Week 6 was all about dining rom details including my wallpaper and art selections, all yummy!!

Now, let’s get into it! Here’s the Powder Room moodboard where my focus is on five elements:

  1. Tile: First and foremost, the tile. It’s the Cell Light Gold from The Tile Shop and it was literally love at first sight. The tile touches all four walls with one wall to the ceiling.

  2. Sink: The Mason Sink from Hardware was a must because I wanted to showcase as much of the tile as possible so I opted for a pedestal sink that was sleek and refined.

  3. Faucet: Ok, seriously a matte black faucet was a must. Because I wanted a lever handle (something super easy to turn) and a sleek look, I opted for another for another Signature Hardware item, the Flair Widespread Bathroom Faucet. Guys, it looks SO GOOD.

  4. Sconce: Lighting is everything and for the look that I was trying to achieve (and needed to provide enough light), the Reese Sconce gave me that simply with the brass and opaque glass. And gave more than enough light for a space with very little natural light, and it’s super pretty.

  5. Hardware: One of the things that I hated in the house was the hardware. Maybe hate is a strong word but it’s close enough. I knew I wanted lever handles versus knobs strictly for ease of entry and for the style. Once I ordered Emtek’s T-Bar Stem with the Knurled Handle I was pretty impressed, so impressed that I decided to change all of the doors privacy hardware to this style. Privacy hardware simply means that I can lock and unlock without a key.

As far as my entry way, I tackled my shared hallway and my entry stairwell which is now boldly wallpapered in Shibori Diamonds in the color Calm by Milton & King (which is also part of my dining room wallpaper) and now smartly includes a keyless entry, the Emtek EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen SMART Keypad Entry Set. I also upgraded the keyed entry to my garage to Emtek’s Helios Key in Leverset with Square Key in Rosette  I’m sharing the moodboard below with my new front door color, this amazing green from Sherwin Williams called Envy, but will wait to share all details next week during the Final Reveal! Why am I waiting? I can’t spill all the tea all at once.

See you NEXT WEEK for the final reveal! And don’t forget to check out the other 19 amazing Featured ORC Designers below!


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